Thread: How do you listen to your music? Streaming,downloads....

jszfunk - 3/27/2020 at 04:14 PM

…digital copies, satellite radio, terrestrial radio, physical copy's, YouTube , etc....

Myself ,I am always late to the party on somethings. I still buy CD's, not as much as what I use to , but still do. Some I keep, others are copied on to my computer and resold on E bay, Amazon or traded in for other music. I will get music on loan from the library also. I still like my physical copies. I just feel I can relate more to the music by having something to look at, read the linear notes, track listing, listening to order of play , an ownership value. I always enjoyed getting an album years ago, holding it looking at the pictures, reading the lyrics, the linear notes, who played on what, Thank you's from the band, song writing credits, producers, engineers and so on.

I still make mix cd's.

I still have a portable cd player. Its nice to drop in a cd with a pair of headphones and lay back and enjoy.

In my car stereo I have a 30gb hard drive which is nice to upload a bunch of stuff on to. I put on Gary Moore era from 80-89. Nice to revisit that.

I was listening to a Black Crowes Podcast a few mons ago, and they felt if consumers bought more physical copies tix's prices would not be as out of control. That was their thinking.

As far as radio, mostly just talk,NPR,sports, and the Blues House Party on Saturday nights here in Indy. I don't have XM/Sirius.

My wife uses Pandora.I recently over the last 6mons have gotten turned on to Spotify. Still stumbling through it, but I like it so far. It looks like you can make playlists on there and share them.

You tube is nice to find off beat stuff, live versions, acoustic takes,covers and so forth. Its good to hear some thing to see if you would want to purchase it at some point.

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Fretsman - 3/27/2020 at 04:44 PM

I still buy CD's. I own over 10K of them. I always go see live music and hit the merch stands. I never listen to the radio unless I'm getting a traffic report on my way to a show? Between commercials and DJ's trying to interject their perceived self wit it only allows them to play the overplayed songs you know and really don't need to hear. Growing up in the 70's I loved the college radio stations and knew the schedules as you'd get an hour of rock and this hour... blues and this hour. etc.

I used to make mixed tapes and CD's, but I found my new way to group.

I take the best of the best and transfer my "listenable to on a regular basis" fav's onto a flash drive and then onto my ipod. I am due to sit down and add about 50 new CD's, as is I've got a working master copy flash drive with ~2,500 songs on it. I wouldn't put Stairway To Heaven on it as it's overplayed, but then I started to put old bootleg studio outtakes and other rare versions to keep it all fresh, hence I put a studio version of it on from a couple years before it came out on LZ4. Whenever I'm working on or around my house the ipod is best thing since sliced bread. I often supply copies to musicians so they have a working knowledge of musical history (albeit my version of).

I've learned folks only hear what's in their circles and missed or passed by some beautiful music, if you don't know what's out there you can't follow and support them.

peach-head - 3/27/2020 at 04:45 PM

CD's mainly, still buy 4-5 a month, and vinyl. Play CD's in the car and also have an ipod in the car. Wouldn't dream of paying to download a new album I would rather purchase a hard copy. I don't do spotify either, although my daughter bought me an Amazon Echo which my wife uses more than I do for listening to her music.

Brad - 3/27/2020 at 05:02 PM

I've been using Amazon Music HD for streaming. CD or better quality for reasonable price if you have Amazon Prime. They have about anything you can think of.

adhill58 - 3/27/2020 at 05:49 PM

iPod, iPod, iPod.

I love it because I have 29,000 or so songs that I am in complete control of.

The streaming sites do not have the live shows that I have gathered up over the years.

I am dreading the day that my high capacity iPods finally die. Does anyone know anything about what is going to happen with iTunes? I heard last year that Apple was going to switch over to another program. Will it work the same?

stormyrider - 3/27/2020 at 05:49 PM

CDs mostly
I've been doing more d/l lately, especially if it is something I want to just "check out". Sound quality in my car is good, and more convenient than grabbing a cd from the house, bringing it to the car, bringing it back, and re-filing (the weak link in the chain)

I d/l shows from etree, but not nearly as much as I used to. Also stream from the archive

I don't subscribe to any streaming service, I'd rather own the entire album. I often find I like the leser known tunes (aka deep cuts) as well if not better than the more popular ones.

cmgst34 - 3/27/2020 at 05:57 PM

Over the last few years, I have dived completely into vinyl. My dad passed away several years ago, and I picked up his whole collectin of vinyl from the 60s - 80s, which has been a great dive for me. At the same time, i have been vinyl for new releases as well.

Haven't bought a CD in forever.

Otherwise, I listen to a lot of XM radio. Stream on Spotify.

And also listen to a lot of our local public radio station -- WYEP (Pittsburgh), along with Asheville's which I HIGHLY recommend -- WNCW. Nashville's station, WMOT (which they call "roots radio"). And Philly's station -- WXPN. All of which I stream.

Sang - 3/27/2020 at 06:39 PM

Still buy cd's, like having the physical product. Also listen to vinyl. I try to buy whatever I can in surround sound now.

For my car, I have an IPOD with 30 gig of music that I listen to.

Only radio is WXRT in Chicago, especially in the house - mostly Saturday Morning Flashback, where they play songs from a certain year. Also when I am too lazy to put in a cd or dvd...

I have been streaming music from Amazon Prime and Google Play to a bluetooth speaker, especially when I sit outside.

I have a chromecast, and a blu-ray player that has youtube, Amazon Prime, etc. I have been streaming a lot of live (and taped live) shows to my TV and through my stereo.

JimSheridan - 3/27/2020 at 07:15 PM

I still buy CDs, have never gotten on board with iPods/ digital music, which is foolish, I know. Loads of great stuff out there. I used to buy bootlegs for a lot of $$$$ so it is inexplicable that I have not stepped up to access some of the torrents etc.

I LOVE having Youtube hooked up to the TV. Game changer. I accessed it for years via computer with **** ty speakers, so now that it is on my large screen TV, I am up all hours of the night watching great stuff.

My wife uses Pandora etc and has gotten her account nicely streamlined by "liking" or "disliking" selected tunes, so that point that Pandora probably knows her better than I do. Lol

I listen to radio in the car. I don't do classic rock because I've heard it all before, but I enjoy NPR, college radio, community volunteer, and for variety some sports & politics. I do have a CD player in the car, and that gets a lot of love, and a CD boombox for outdoors fun or yardwork.

50split - 3/28/2020 at 04:17 AM

in the car it's the ipod w/over 29000 songs. i still buy cds mostly at good wills and thrift stores. importcds still has some decent sales as does collectorschoicecds. has some great compilation cds.
they also bought about 100 cassettes and i got $175 store credit. email them to sell your cassettes. only legit releases no mix or live boots.

nebish - 3/28/2020 at 04:41 PM

I listen to CDs when I am at home or in the garage.

I've bought my first new vehicle in 12 years and guess, what no CD player! Tab Benoit does a funny bit between songs about a vehicle he has with no CD player.

So when I drive, I have XM which I usually listen to news/talk/sports probably 80% of the time and music 20% of the time. The new vehicle has a USB drive, so I put some files on a thumb drive and play that way too.

When I am working outside or somewhere without other listening options I have a Sony HD media player with flac and mp3 files that I can stream bluetooth, normally to my DemerBox.

I have a couple older Jeeps that I still play cassettes in. Which I think is kind of cool actually.

My record player is more of a novelty, I don't play too many records.

IPowrie - 3/28/2020 at 06:18 PM

At home I stream from spotify or nugs. Will start listening to vinyl again once I get a turntable. In the car I use spotify or listen to NPR and Community Radio.

I have a lot of CDs and will sometimes pull them out if I have a decent amount of driving to do.

owencarol - 3/29/2020 at 12:59 PM

Still listening to cd's. Probably purchase 30-50/year. In my truck and car I mostly listen to Pandora. Where I live there is very limited radio. Maybe 5% of my listening. I don't have a tuner in my home stereo system, wouldn't do me any good if I did. Have a great public station with severely limited range. They frequently play obscure tracks from artists across the spectrum. Good blues, jazz, rock, some bluegrass, classical etc. Don't know where they get their programming from but it's excellent. I get turned on to new music through Pandora and listening to sample tracks on Amazon. Get some inspiration from youtube.

DeadMallard - 3/29/2020 at 05:16 PM

iPod, iPod, iPod.

I love it because I have 29,000 or so songs that I am in complete control of.

The streaming sites do not have the live shows that I have gathered up over the years.

I am dreading the day that my high capacity iPods finally die. Does anyone know anything about what is going to happen with iTunes? I heard last year that Apple was going to switch over to another program. Will it work the same?

I am in the same spot with my 2 I-Pods. A few months ago I bought a 250GB FiiO MP3. It's not as smooth to navigate and it wasn't an easy process to Sync my Music Library off of my music manager MediaMonkey but I'm happy to have an option besides I-Pod and a much bigger one.

I still buy CD's (25-40 a year) and check out 300-400 CD's a year from my library. I rip them and add songs and albums to my MP3's that I like.

I have a subscription to Amazon Music but probably only use an hour a week.

I like to own my music and the risk with streaming services is songs, artists and albums can be taken away at will.

musicmann - 3/29/2020 at 07:06 PM

I still buy CDs but also use Amazon music as well

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