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BrerRabbit - 12/11/2019 at 08:17 PM

Wow - when I went to Jimi's grave in the early 80s it was just a modest small tombstone , now it is Stonefreehenge . . .

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blackey - 12/12/2019 at 06:20 PM

Looks like a Watch Tower. Wonder if any purple haze drifts by?

Jimi was a ground breaker. I remember reading years ago how an employee of Fender guitars called back to the home office after seeing Jimi. Fender designed this guitar for country/western swing guitarist and rock guitarists such as Hank Marvin and The Ventures etc. You use the whammy bar it add a splash of vibrato without playing any finger vibrato at all. Many players in the 40's and 50's didn't use finger vibrato. The Fender employee told them this guy is doing both with feedback and wild crazy employment of the whammy bar. He said this man is playing a Stratocaster way different than the guitar was envisioned.

Later in the late 60's I read an interview with Chet Atkins and Chet was asked what did he think of Jimi Hendrix. Chet said it was the most unorthodox playing he had ever heard but it's exciting to listen to. Then Chet was asked what he thought of Jimi smashing guitars. Chet said that was fine with him if the man can afford a matter of fact I've played several guitars that needed to be smashed.

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