Thread: Devon & Duane with Ronnie Earl. Purple Rain

pops42 - 12/3/2019 at 02:05 AM

pops42 - 12/3/2019 at 02:15 AM

Looked like DR John on organ, look to the left at the end of the song.

blackey - 12/3/2019 at 10:45 AM

Yes it did. That guitar solo just flowed so beautifully. Top notch playing and great Strat tone.

pops42 - 12/9/2019 at 03:15 AM

The guy on slide sounds very influenced by Derek Trucks.

blackey - 12/9/2019 at 05:06 AM

Yes he has to be influenced by Derek. No pick, slide glass and on same finger and a SG. Plus being in the band with Duane Betts that may be one of Dickey's SGs. Dickey had an SG tuned for slide that was different than the one he gave to Duane Allman. BTW last I read, the SG Derek is playing as his number one now is one of Gibson's Brother to Brother SGs. Dickey got two and played one from around 2010 to 2013. But the last years Dickey was in his solo band, Andy Aledort played electric slide. When Danny Toler was in that band from 2002 to what 2007, Dickey played electric slide but used his old 56 Stratocaster. That last version of Great Southern never really got polished and settled in to me and the players changed a lot. There was a sax player for a few years. Duane Betts has the 56 Strat now and uses it on a couple of songs and he did in Dawes too. Duane also uses Dickey's 61 ES-335 on a couple of songs but his number one is a 2001 Les Paul Goldtop Dickey Betts signature custom. Devon Allman said recently his father Gregg owned 42 guitars. Devon said he didnt know Gregg had that many and Gregg left all 42 to Devon.

redhouse1969 - 12/10/2019 at 03:19 AM

That is Johnny Stachela on Slide... gibson re-issue sg

pops42 - 12/10/2019 at 03:26 AM

His phrasing, licks, are stuff Derek plays, which is fine, it's called influence.

blackey - 12/10/2019 at 02:37 PM

Yes I'm becoming a big fan of Allman Betts. Johnny is a fine slide player from what I've seen/heard. Yes no question he is influenced by Derek Trucks.

redhouse1969 - 12/10/2019 at 03:24 PM

pops42 & blackey... it's funny but I don't hear any of Derek's influence with concerns to Johnny... seems to me he is coming straight out of the Duane Allman playbook... that's the great thing about music it can be interpreted so many ways!

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