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Billastro - 11/9/2019 at 12:17 AM

OK, I'm lazy and didn't search every thread about the FW71 release, so I apologize if this has been discussed.

Why was "Mountain Jam" from the 3/13/70 show included? Why wasn't it released as part of a complete release of that performance, which would fit onto one CD easily? That show included "Don't Want You No More/It's Not My Cross To Bear", which they rarely performed.

Or am I just a grumpy old codger?


blackey - 11/9/2019 at 02:21 AM

Apparently they didn't have a Mountain Jam from the Fillmore West shows they could use. It would be interesting to know.

oldcoot - 4/1/2020 at 07:38 PM

Going through some old threads when I spotted this.

Here is the reason that it was included. Way back in 2005 (or right around then, maybe a year off) Captain Skipper had remastered the sources that were available from the Fillmore West shows in January '71. He gave them to KW at the Red Rocks concert that year. I was also at the RR show.

Trying to recall exactly but even back then Skip mentioned that the shows might not be released but were some type of leverage against a record label (music company). I didn't really inquire about the particulars of that.

Whenever Skip worked on a remaster he would always send me a copy of the "before" condition and then another ('after') once he was finished with the project. Included on the disc that was the last songs of the 1/31/71 Fillmore show, Skip had tagged on the 3/13/70 Mountain Jam and also the abbreviated, really short version of "You Don't Love Me" from one of the July '70 SUNY shows (it was either from 7/9/70 or 7/10/70, haven't actually dug that out to check the date). That YDLM might have been their first time playing it as it isn't very smooth, only about six minutes long and has kind of an abrupt end. I can see why it too wasn't included in the Fillmore box.

It kind of stinks that Skip received absolutely no credit toward his work on the box set. It may well have been remastered from his source, or potentially, from other reels (doubtful) but the fact that they additionally tagged on the MJ right in the order Skip had, tells me that's why it was included by itself (and the whole show wasn't) on the box release.

What Skip had used on the first show of the run was a pretty solid audience source but he was working from soundboards on the other two shows.

Oddly enough, Bill Graham did not introduce them the first night, he did on the second night, and his intro from the second night was tagged onto the beginning of the first night included in the box. Why change that? Who knows. Also, the source of that show is a soundboard, not audience, and I think the liner notes mentioned it had been discovered not long before the release. Don't quote me on that because I don't have those comments in front of me at the moment.

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